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Fremfor Ligger Fremtiden

Work for the exhibition Fremfor ligger fremtiden (Ahead lies the Future) at Kunstnerforbundet, curated by Kari Skippervold. The show included works by Magdalena Kotkowska, Karianne Stensland, Sille Storihle, Erika Stöckel, Nikhil Vettukattil, De Naive and more.

The exhibition was a meeting between a newly established studio collective and a 112-year-old art institution. Circulation and cycles, confrontation, power structures and infrastructure are the mainstays of a complex dialogue between over 729 works spanning several decades. We designed the exhibition identity including a catalogue, vinyls around the exhibition space and digital promotional material for the exhibition.


Fremfor Ligger Fremtiden (2022), Exhibition Identity


  • Kunstnerforbundet


  • Kari Skippervold


  • Kunstnerforbundet