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Hvem er du når verden brenner?

Hvem er du når verden brenner?, or Who Are You in a World on Fire? is a sensory exhibition designed by Mari Lotherington, and produced by The Arctic University Museum of Norway. With the Second World War as the backdrop, audiences meet six Northern Norwegian people with difficult decisions to make for themselves, their loved ones, and a society at war. Before you can see the consequences of the choice that was made, you are asked: What would you have done?

The exhibition includes experiences such as sound, smell, lighting, video, and tactility, and the audience is encouraged to be curious and look for hidden secrets throughout. Who Are You in a World on Fire? will be open until May 2024.


Hvem er du når verden brenner? (2022), Exhibition Identity


  • Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum

    Exhibition Design

  • Mari Lotherington


  • Christel Slettli Hansen, Inger Kaisa Bækø


  • Daria Klima