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Insomnia Festival 2021

Visual identity for the 20th edition of the Insomnia Festival 2021. Insomnia Festival in Tromsø is an annual festival that aims to create a platform for new experimental electronic music and techno culture. The festival takes shape through live concerts, DJ/club events, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performance, installations and debates.

In the festival program in 2021 there was a performance that combined cooking with wild berries, plants and mushrooms gathered in the local environment set to electronic music. Since the link to Northern Norway is so important for the festival's basic identity, choice of artists and target group, we developed a design concept where we used edible flowers such as Geitrams and Ryllik found in the area, set against a fog-like typography.


Insomnia Festival 2021 (2021), Visual Identity


  • Insomnia Festival, Tromsø


  • Gjøa Orheim, Marte Aasen, Julie Cleve


  • Julie Hrnčířová, Jan Khür (Abrakadabra Studio)


  • Diplom Plakatserie, Visuelt Oslo