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Repairing Earthquake Project

An art project by artist Nishiko (1981, Japan) dealing with an extensive natural disaster—the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011— the Repairing Earthquake Project started with a simple idea: repairing objects that were destroyed in the tsunami. The first trip to the tsunami hit areas of Miyagi was in 2011, with an aim to find broken objects, and to undertake careful observations of the tsunami hit areas and the people who lived there. The trip has since been repeated multiple times over the past eight years, following the progression of reconstruction of buildings, memories, and observing changing traces of the aftermath as they are slowly wiped away.

The publication examines the dynamics of nature, human endurance, and sympathy. The project has been led not by a single person or group, but collectively, by everyone involved, and is reflected as it ripples within and through our daily practices.


Repairing Earthquake Project (2021), Editorial


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